Our Story

It started with a simple idea: Share Cierta Parte Coffee. 

Cierta Parte is a certain place in heart of Colombia where the most beautiful coffee in the world is produced.




Our family coffee farm has been producing exceptional quality coffee for more than 20 years. Today, with our efforts, dedication, and love for our Cierta Parte, we want you to experience our stories, our community, and our culture with a sip of our delicious coffee. Come with us, let us take you on a journey!

Cierta Parte, located in Titiribi, Antioquia, is composed of 3 farms: Cierta Parte, El Pilar, and Las Juntas. We have around 400,000 coffee trees, which allows us to produce 120.000 kilos (220,462.26 lb.) Our coffee grows at an altitude of 1,650 and 1,800 mt. (5,249.3- 5,741.5 ft) over sea level, ideal height to obtain a specialty coffee of the highest quality, that deserves to be tasted across the world.

With our Q-grader, who is an an expert taster, we achieved a high-medium toastion to highlight the perfect intensity of flavor. Once you taste our coffee you will detect the perfect acidity balance, with notes of vanilla and almond. You will be transported you to Colombia with just one sip!  

Our quality has been recognized and awarded. In 2015, Cierta Parte coffee placed 6th place out of 200 participants at the Cup of Excellence, “Taza de Excelencia” contest in Antioquia. From then on, we continued to provide the best quality coffee. We are very meticulous and delicate with every batch of coffee we produce. Highest quality guaranteed from our farm to your cup!

We have the coffee federation license and the exportation registration, which allows us to export coffee freely and allows us to provide you with either green or toasted, depending on your preference. We also have the Fair-trade, 4C, and Rainforest certifications.